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Soft Head

Soft head CHAOS lures feature the revolutionary turbine design that assures maximum bubble trail. Once in the water you'll think they were twice their size, and many of our captains rig them larger hooks to maximize hook up ratios.

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Run her on the riggers and watch out! A favorite of charter captains, offered in a selection of colors to mimic bait species around the world. Run both naked and with ballyhoo or strip baits.

Feather Jet

Feather Jet

Take the bubble trail producing turbine head from our Jet lure and add feathers and you end up with an incredible tuna and dolphin magnet, especially on the brightest days. Featuring a two-piece head, allowing easy skirts changes, these soft head lures keep your target interested while you set the hook. Great in any surface position in your spread .

Marlin Master

Marlin Master

Soft head with tremendous bubble trail due to the CHAOS Turbine, which multiplies and accelerates water pressure through the lure and blows it out the side ports. Runs like a bigger lure and often rigged with larger hooks to increase hook-up ratios.

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