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Daiwa Electric Reels

Daiwa Electric Reels
A power assist model for every fishing application, the Daiwa family of programmable and digital electric assist reels provide speed, power, and capacity to match your required application. From the powerful Marine Power MP3000 for hauling beasts from the deep to the ultra-fast Seaborg Megatwin for retrieving kites or deep drops at over 660’ per minute to the tough and durable Tanacom Bull, the best-in-class model families are sure to provide a reel that exceeds your expectations. Both the Tanacom Bull and Seaborg Megatwin are available in multiples sizes to further refine the drag, weight, and capacity needs of every angler. All Daiwa power assist reels maintain the option for the angler to manually crank in their trophy catch.
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Name Drag Crank Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Color Spool It Price Qty
Strike Full Low High Low High
Daiwa Marine Power 3000 ADJ 88# NA 24.8FT NA 1.7:1 196.4 $3,499.99
Mono Capacity: 1200yds/50#, 800yds/60#
Braid Capacity: 1500yds/120#, 1000yds/150#
Daiwa Seaborg 1000MT ADJ 44# NA 17.9 NA 2.4:1 50.3 $1,349.99
Mono Capacity: 440yds/30#, 480yds/40#
Braid Capacity: 880yds/80#, 660yds/100#, 550yds/120#
Daiwa Seaborg 500MT ADJ 33# NA 22.7" NA 3.9:1 28.4 $1,099.99
Mono Capacity: 250yds/25#, 210yds/30#
Braid Capacity: 390yds/50#, 330yds/60#, 240yds/80#
Daiwa Seaborg 750MT ADJ 44# NA 17.9 NA 2.4:1 44.9 $1,149.99
Mono Capacity: 590yds/25#, 450yds/30#, 310yds/40#
Braid Capacity: 770yds/60#, 550yds/80#, 440yds/100#
Daiwa Tanacom Bull 1000 ADJ 48# NA 16.5FT NA 2.3:1 52.5 $999.99
Mono Capacity: 700yds/30#, 500yds/40#
Braid Capacity: 1100yds/60#, 900yds/80#
Daiwa Tanacom Bull 750 ADJ 48# NA 10.5FT NA 2.28:1 44.4 $799.95
Mono Capacity: 500yds/25#, 450yds/30#, 310yds/40#
Braid Capacity: 770yds/60#, 550yds/80#, 440yds/100#
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